My mother has a sensitive stomach and can't eat milk or spicy foods. What can she eat to gain weight?


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It sounds like your mother could be suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Weight loss is often a symptom of this—as is an intolerance to milk and spicy foods.

How To Gain Weight With IBS (Or A Sensitive Stomach)

If your mother's got a sensitive stomach or food intolerances, she'll want to avoid the foods that cause her discomfort. This can make gaining weight a bit more difficult than usual, but it's still accomplishable. Here are some things for your mom to try:

  • Protein powder or shakes (lactose- and fat-free if possible)
  • Carbohydrates like bread, pasta and potatoes
  • Eating smaller, high-calorie meals—it's easier for people with sensitive stomachs to digest smaller portions than it is larger ones
  • Adding nuts, seeds and fruit to cereal
  • Using yogurt instead of milk where possible (obviously not in coffee!)
The best thing your mother can do is speak to a doctor or nutritionist about this. They can provide guidance tailored to her specific intolerances. If she can find out what foods to avoid, then it'll be easier for her to gain weight with minimum discomfort.

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First off, I thought people ate spicy food to lose weight, cause it raises their metabolism or something. As for gaining weight just eat lots of whatever doesn't bother your stomach.

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