Do you ever eat steak and eggs for breakfast?


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Woof Woofy Profile
Woof Woofy answered

no i have not. I have eaten leftover steak for breakfast though.

hey cameron Profile
hey cameron answered

Nope haha, I think that would be too much for me in the morning. I'm never that hungry for breakfast, I usually just have oatmeal or cereal. Plus I don't like eggs much

Mahnoor Ali Khan Yousufzai Profile

Steak: Yes

Eggs: Yes

Steak and Eggs: No

Matt Radiance Profile
Matt Radiance answered

I do on a periodic schedule. Steak is delicious but it has health issues so i make sure to balance my usage. About the eggs, well, the yolk would unsettle the stomach and the digestive system. So i might have to go around the recipe sometimes!

It's a very delicious breakfast to me tho! I really love it and it's my favorite but i need to be careful! Specially these days that i'm on a diet and i have limited decisions! So STOP! Teasing me! Lol!

otis campbell Profile
otis campbell answered

Yes. Their was a restaraunt by johnson space center called steak n eggs and we would go in their late nite or early morning for steak n eggs its good

Didge Doo Profile
Didge Doo answered

It's a tasty idea but my digestive system has passed it's use-by date so my breakfast is usually very light. Hmm. It's 0700 in my neck of the woods. I think I'll go and have some now. (Thanks for reminding me that I'm hungry.)

Francois masse Profile
Francois masse answered

Steak, eggs, bacon, fried potatoes and french toasts. Now that's a champion's breakfast!

(that is sure to make you feel guilty if you didn't hit the treadmill first)

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