What Country Does Cabbage Come From?


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Many people believe that cabbage originated in Ireland, but this is not true. The Celts brought cabbage to Europe around 600 BC, from Asia, and because it grows very well in cooler climates, gives good harvests and will store very well throughout the winter months, it soon became a major European crop.

• Cabbage history
The cabbage that we recognize today was only developed in the Middle Ages by northern European farmers; before that it was a much more loose leafed plant.

In 1536, French navigator, Jacques Cartier introduced the cabbage to the Americas.

• Cabbage facts
It only takes three months from sowing to harvesting for a cabbage to develop, and one acre will yield more edible vegetable than any other.

The botanical name for cabbage is Brassica oleracea capita. The English name for it derived from the French word caboche, meaning head, and is a direct reference to the round shape of the cabbage.

Other members of the brassica family include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi and kale.

William Collingwood from County Durham in the United Kingdom found fame with a cabbage that he grew in 1865; it has been credited as being the largest cabbage in the world and weighed a massive 123 pounds.

• Cabbage and health
Cabbage is one of the richest vegetables when it comes to vitamins. It has been credited with inhibiting colon cancer, and it also kills harmful bacteria, soothes ulcers, improves circulation and stimulates the immune system.

The vitamin E that is found in the outer leaves is good for the complexion, and there is as much Vitamin C in raw white cabbage as there is in lemon juice.

If this isn't good enough, an extra added bonus is that there are only 24 calories in three and a half ounces of cabbage.

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