What Does The Bacardi Bat Symbolise?


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The Bacardi company's signature Bat symbolizes good health, family unity and fortune. The Bacardi Bat logo features on all labels of every product that has the BACARDI family name.

It is believed that it originated back in the year 1862 when Dona Amalia Lucía Victoria Moreau, who was the wife of Don Facundo's, suggested using the Bat as the trademark logo for their new rum.

This is because bats held great significance in her world.Dona Amalia's suggestion also was pragmatic and shrewd. The rampant illiteracy in the 19th century meant that any product would require an eye-catching, memorable graphic logo for it to become identifiable and for it to sell.

The mythology behind the bat also helped in sales as people came to hear about Don Facundo's Bat along with reports of his smooth rums. As local storytellers attested, the Bat imparted good fortune as well as added magical powers to the rum.

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