Do You Like Saurkraut?


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Lisa michalski Profile
Lisa michalski answered
Yes,I love it,Its great on Polish sausages,with a little mustard and onions. Just went to look and see if I had any as I haven't had my dinner yet!Thanks for the tip.
Yes but I prefer mine warm...atta girl...TY...♥Nas [[[hugs]]]
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Steven Vakula answered
I like Polish Sauerkraut as opposed to the German. German Sauerkraut is sour Polish is much more mild less winger.
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Mouse or Nette answered
I do like it.. On hot dogs.. And sausage.. I like it cooked down with potatoes and sausage too with onions.
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laurie gregory answered
Sounds like your body is craving something it needs, whatever vitamins or acids may be in saurkraut, so keep enjoying
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Moe Pence answered
I'm with you!  My portion of it is always removed before heating up, and half of it's gone anyway, before it ever gets to the table (next to my plate)!  I can eat it plain, or piled on a hotdog with spicey, horseradish mustard.  We also used to mix leftover (shredded) pork roast meat with it.
Now I'm hungry again.
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Ann Vossler answered
Your not German if you don't like Saurkraut.  I remember my mom making Knoephla, Saurkraut and Spare Ribs when I was a kid.  Talk about yummy.  Knoephla is a German noodle.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
While I am not german, I love the flavor of it the way I like to eat it. This happened when I was pregnant the last time, can't cook it no more.
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Laura Davis answered
LOL... I love it out the jar but my fav is when your at a ball game and the hot dogs have been cooking in the Kraut and then u put the dog and the kraut on the roll and the roll gets a lil soggy... YUMMMY>>>> LOL
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Uggghhhhh... No way!  I really don't like sauerkraut. I don't know why, but I just really don't like it.

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