Do You Like Seafood?


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Seaweed, crab, shrimp and lobster.
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I love seafood a lot.I like shrimp and Alaskan white(I believe that is what it is called).When I visited Alaska 2 years ago all I ate was some kind of fish.I am not a picky eater.I eat almost any type of seafood except for caviar and squid.-Iamlegend 
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Mary Patterson
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Well, I am not quite sure, why you don't like caviar. But, as for me, it is the best seafood that can be found anywhere in the world.
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I love sea food, but I am allergic to shellfish :(
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I love seafood. I like crab and lobster the best.
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I love seafood. I like shrimp, crab, lobster, the list goes on and on lol
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I like Salmon and Shrimp. Other than that, I hate seafood. Unless Clam Chowder counts, which I never really thought it did.
You have never had Fish until you have had good Chinook Salmon. After that, the rest of it is tasteless.

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I love it but have to be careful if there is iodine in it. I'm allergic to iodine.
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I love sea food, but you can't get me near squid, octopus, and odd stuff like that, ick.
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Octopus is delicious, depending on how it's prepared. I've tasted it where it was so-so, and I've had it where it was like a honeymoon......couldn't wait to get more!
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I love seafood, and the best seafood i ever ate was on my honeymoon in hawaii.  I even had fish and eggs for breakfast (gross in alabama) it was uber delicious!
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Seafood is my all-time ultimate favorite food ever. All of it. I could live off of lobster and oysters!  Rossibear, you're killing me. I think I need to go out and get a nice seafood dinner and have some pudding for dessert!  ;o)
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Surely, there are a lot of other variants. But I like this one because of the quality. It improves my mood and provides energy, as well.

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Absolutely. As for my fish and other marine items are really good for the body and health. So I found several tasty for me ones and enjoyed

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