How much seafood can you handle?


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otis campbell answered

Shrimp lobster king crab. Mud bugs. Bring it on i love it mucho grande

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Jann Nikka answered

None, I'm allergic to shellfish, shrimp lobster, crab and someone posted on Facebook something gross about salmon😣 and  a couple of days ago TV reported a story about salmon and a parasite 😣. I'm done with seafood😔.

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Ancient Hippy answered

I try to eat some sort of seafood at least once a week. I love most types.

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Cindy Lou answered

I don't care for anything fried or anything that  tastes real fishy. We have some of the best catfish in the country here in our lakes but those are bottom feeders and the lake is dirty and it affects how they taste (although many like it).  No way am I eating that.

My favorite way is catching it myself from a fresh river like in Colorado and preparing it myself in a seasoned cast iron skillet over and open fire.

You just can't get any better than that :)

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otis campbell
otis campbell commented
Hey u ready to pole dance for are political party
Cindy  Lou
Cindy Lou commented
Yes Otis, you bet. I have been practicing too. Yin and I will be the entertainment and you know on Ask , Rathkeale designed pole dancing costumes for us -she has this red, white, anti blue get up she says we should swear with tassels too lol
Cindy  Lou
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Wear ^^
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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Bring any and all on, I'll eat it ! From Octopus to Langoustines and Oysters. I love it all.

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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Zack,

Well I grew up just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, and here to date (all 72 years) is my entire lifetime seafood intake so far:

1. One oyster muscle (holds it to its shell, said to be the best part)

2. Two shreds of smoked salmon

3. Three bites of boiled lobster

4. Seven Dungeness crab claws

5. Tuna fish is better, I do okay with that when thoroughly disguised in a tuna salad sandwich or casserole.

6. I dig, clean, and fry razor clams but have NEVER tasted one.

* * *

But you never know, seafood may turn out to be a favorite eventually, and I hope I NEVER live that long...oh, and I think I tried to gag down a butter clam once.

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Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
I know, I know...
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Wow! I'll have to mail you a couple of Balmain Bugs. Ugliest seafood on the planet but taste delicious.
Virginia Lou
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oh ty, you can imagine I will be checking my mailbox eagerly...however glad to know about Balmain bugs, had never heard of them before...learning lots from you as always
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Didge Doo answered

I'm like the guy on the seafood diet: If I see food I'll eat it. But seriously, I love the stuff. Just about any of it. I draw the line at oysters, though.

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