How Much Chicken Do I Need To Make Chicken Salad For 25 People ?


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The amount of chicken used obviously depends on how much you want to put in the salad. A general rule that 4oz does each person so multiply that by 25. It is always safer to have too much than too little so 3kg will do 30 people but you should remember to have enough other salad ingredients to equate this. If you do not have enough chicken, adding more mayonnaise and garnish will hide that. If you have plenty left over, you can always refrigerate this for another day or use it again in another form, either as a side dish or by adding other ingredients such as spices and herbs to make another meal.
Chicken salads are fairly easy to make and should only take about 10 minutes to prepare. You should include ingredients similar to these - about 5-6 pounds of white chicken meat, 8-9 tbsp mayonnaise, lettuce leaves, sour cream, celery and grapes. These are the standard ingredients to any chicken salad. By using a low calorie mayonnaise, you will keep those dieting guests happy.
To make your salad more exciting you can always try adding fruits other than grapes which are a fail safe ingredient. Try apples, lime or pineapple for that extra twist. If fruit does not take your fancy, walnuts (best toasted first) are a great way to improve your salad but always remember to check dietary and allergy requirements before serving this to people.
The Internet has a lot of varied recipe examples and by following a recipe it is easier to avoid making mistakes. Recipes are also good for getting the right quantity as all you have to do is multiply the number of ingredients to suit your desired amount.
If you are really concerned about the amount of chicken you have, you can always buy ready made chicken salads to add to your mixture. Buying ready cooked chickens from deli counters at supermarkets make preparing the salad much quicker.
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You need to get 3 kilograms of chicken in total. That is sufficient to cook salad for almost 30 people. Try this simple calculation:
1 kg should make up for 10 guests.
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Just as a guestimation, I would say 5 pounds of white chicken meat. After you shred it, add celery, onion, mayo, and whatever else, you should have plenty for 25 women.
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Thank you !!! I am very nervous about this. I am also serving ham salad and tuna. What type of bread would you recommend for the sandwiches?
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Pumpernikle is a good one and also sourdough
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I would surmise the ladies with or without proper white gloves, would be so inclined to indulge in a limit of one. So, back to the matter at hand.... Total of 25 less three who are on a strict diet or have a strong dislike for hand sandwiches... 23 persons multiplied by 4 ounces or 92 ounces, which then is divided by 16 equals 5.75 pounds. Of course, secure quality mayonaise, celery ans assorted seasoning & garnish with crisp fresh lettuce and natural bread. Tu Ta Loo!

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