How Long Do You Cook Carrots?


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15mins should be fine
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Last week I made an attempt with Carrot Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Cuscus Salad got the idea from the website Carrot stuffed chicken cuscus...Seems strange to me but it was awesome...


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Carrots don't take much time to get cooked.

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Personally, I guess carrots are best eaten when raw and juicy. But incase you are trying to cook it up with something then it is not a difficult task at all. Carrots in the first place don't take much time to get cooked.

Firstly carrots can be used as garnish in rice. For example, when cooking carrots with rice, you can add the chopped carrots just two minutes before putting off the gas.

Incase, you are trying your hand at a very famous Indian sweet dish 'gajjar ka halwa' then maybe after shredding the carrots all you have to do is mix other ingredients (namely sugar, dry fruits etc) and stir it well.

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