How To Cook An Apple?


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Apples are versatile fruits when it comes to cooking. The best varieties of apples to cook with are Rome, Jonagold, Granny Smith, Pippin, Gala, Braeburn, Northern Spy, Gravenstein, Rhode Island Greening, York Imperial, Cortland and Winesap. Green apples are best to cook with as they retain their consistency better than red apples. Red apples have a tendency to go quite mushy once they have been cooked. There are a number of ways in which you can cook apples, depending on what you want to make with them. They can be stewed, baked, fried and steamed. Apples that are used primarily for cooking are called cooking apples. These are normally apples that can be quite tart to eat as they are. Cooking with them, adding sugar or syrups and pastry takes the edge off the tartness of the apple and they compliment sweet flavors well. In the United Kingdom apples are commonly boiled and mashed and served with roast pork and roast potatoes. Another common way to cook with apples is to make an apple pie. Simply mix the chopped apples into a mix of cinnamon, sugar, cloves, nutmeg, butter and milk and place into pastry. Cook in the oven and serve with cream or custard. When apples are baked they can be complimented with other fruit including mango, banana and figs, as well as brown sugar, butter, Greek yogurt and allspice. Other common dishes with apple as the main ingredient include tarts, crumbles, chutneys and warm salads. Apples can also be used as an ingredient in dishes with game birds, liver, bacon, red cabbage and most oily fish. Apples should always be washed and peeled before using for cooking, and the seeds and stalk should not be used.
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Well, you could cut it up in a few sections and put it in a pot with a little water add a little sugar and cinnamon. Then you heat it up and and wait until it's soft then eat it. Try it, it's really good!
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Try slicing it and then heating it in a microwave safe bowl for about 1 min on high power. If it comes out a little undercooked then put it in for 30 more seconds and keep adding as needed.
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Apple is mostly considered to be one of the best ingredients during winter. It is mostly used in desserts like apple pie, apple crumble, apple crisp and apple cake. An apple item is either baked or stewed or in some cases it even taste quiet excellent when it is dipped in certain alcohol. Apple is also used to prepare apple butter or even apple jelly. They are also used as a special ingredient in meat dishes.

In the United Kingdom one prepares something known as apple toffee, this toffee is prepared by coating apple in hot toffee and then it is left to cool. In the United States you have a dish known as candy apples and caramel apples, this coated with cool caramel.
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Hi ! I don't know how to made apple is not black . ( when I carving ) someone to know teach me how can do that

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