How Many McDonalds Restaurants Are There In The UK?


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McDonald's has more than twelve hundred and fifty restaurants in the United Kingdom. Thirty seven per cent of these are franchised. The company's annual turnover in the United Kingdom alone hovers around a one and a half billion pounds average.

Of the UK McDonald's restaurants, around seven hundred and eighty four are owned by the company, whereas approximately four hundred and sixty five are franchises. The number of in store restaurants is around five hundred and nineteen and the number of drive through restaurants is seven hundred and thirty five, and there are also nine McCafes. Nearly sixty seven thousand employees work for McDonald's in the UK.

The McDonald Corporation has a presence in over a 119 countries with more than thirty thousand restaurants world wide. Only around eight thousand of these restaurants are owned by the company the rest are franchises. The Company has an annual turnover of over twenty billion dollars.

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