How Many Calories In McDonalds Single Biscuit And Gravy?


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According to the McDonalds website, a single biscuit and gravy serving (260 g or 9.2 oz) has a total of 570 calories. There are 320 calories in the biscuit and 260 calories in the gravy.

A single serving also contains:

  • 36 g of total fat (56% of recommended daily allowance)

  • 13 g of saturated fat (64%)

  • 25 mg of cholesterol (8%)

  • 1610 mg of sodium (67%)

  • 50 g of carbohydrates (17%)

  • 3 g of fibers (12%)

You can find nutritional information for the entire range of McDonalds menu items by visiting the McDonalds website ( and selecting the 'Nutritional Info' PDF file.

Biscuits and gravy is generally only sold in McDonalds branches in southern parts of the United States. It is a popular breakfast dish in the south of the United States which consists of soft white dough biscuits covered in a thick 'country' or 'white' gravy. The gravy is normally made from the drippings of cooked pork sausage, white flour and milk. It also often, but not always, contains pieces of sausage, bacon, ground beef or other meat.

You can search for your nearest branch of McDonalds by entering a zip or post code on the McDonalds website at

As of 2009, there were around 12,800 McDonald branches in the United States. This is the most restaurants in any country in the world. The next largest amount is Japan, where there are around 3,600 restaurants. Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany are the other three countries where there are over 1,000 restaurants in the country.

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Look on the mcdonald's website or if you eat in look on the back of your tray liner. I work their but don't know it off the top of my head.
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Gravy isn't listed anywhere on the McDonald's website. Why I don't know but I have looked every now and then since 2001 when I first started dieting.
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I believe the 580 calorie answer was in their original serving. Now they don't give you enough gravy to
cover one half of the biscuit. I wont buy it anymore because of that. I would guess that the calories
would be much less now, but it's not worth buying.
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I think the 580 might be right.  There are 260 in a biscuit, so two would contain 520 calories.  Add a bit of gravy, and -- voila! -- you're at approximately 580.  Keep in mind that as of a few minutes ago, gravy is not listed on the McDonald's site.

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