Which Town Or City Has The Maximum Number Of McDonald's Outlets?


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McDonald's is synonymous with fast food and as such its outlets have become a ubiquitous sight all over the world. At present there are over 31,000 McDonald's outlets in more than a 100 countries, 119 to be precise spread over 6 continents in the world. Almost all the major cities and towns in those countries have at least one or two outlets of McDonald's.

With respect to the city having the maximum number of McDonald's outlets there are various cities out there that can be mentioned in this regard but one that stands out among all is New York City; the city is home to a number of outlets of various types from freestanding and store front ones to mall based to the special ones. In fact it would be difficult to go around for long without encountering a McDonald's; it would not be an exaggeration to say that there are over 300 outlets in New York and its surrounding areas.

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