Why Is McDonald's Food Bad?


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Alex Nelson answered
McDonald's food is bad for you because it has barely any nutritional value, and is full of fat and salt. These can causes obesity and health problems in the long run!

Super Size Me
A filmmaker called Morgan Spurlock made a documentary called Super Size Me in which he proved that McDonald's food is unhealthy.

He carried out an experiment for this film by eating only McDonald's food for a period of thirty days. Essentially, the documentary just shows the rapid deterioration of his health - both physical and mental - throughout the month.

Results of Eating Only McDonald's Food For A Month
  • 25lbs weight-gain
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Fatty liver
  • Higher blood-sugar
  • Dangerously high cholesterol levels
Is It Okay To Eat McDonald's Occasionally?
Of course - everything is fine in moderation! Personally, I can't stand the stuff unless I've got a chronic hangover, but I know most people seem to enjoy it, and unless you're living off the stuff like in Super Size Me, it shouldn't do you any harm. Try to keep it down to under one McDonald's meal a week if you're looking to improve your health.
Is It Possible to Eat Healthily At McDonald's?
Watch the following video to find out!

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Paige Coleman answered
It's bad because everything is processed, full of chemicals and salts that take out every single ounce of nutrition. Their chicken nuggets hardly taste like chicken nuggets anymore.

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