How Many Pounds Of Italian Beef Do I Need To Serve 100 People?


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Italian Beef refers to seasoned strips of roast beef that are often served in a sandwich or long roll: A staple of Italian-American cuisine. It is usually served at hot-dog stands and Italian-American bistros or restaurants, and has its roots in the Italian immigrant community of 1930s Chicago, Illinois.

Due to its popularity and relative ease of preparation, Italian beef makes an excellent choice for parties and social gatherings.

Although it depends how generous you are with your portioning, the average Italian beef sandwich requires somewhere around 0.2 pounds according to one well-recognized Illinois catering company. This would many that  mean that 20 pounds of Italian beef should see you through 100 servings.

If you're considering serving up your Italian beef with a selection of entrees, this may mean using less beef for the main course so as not to overload your guests. A tasty idea that would go well with Italian beef is a combination of coleslaw and meatballs.   

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