What Is A Corn?


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You could have a plantar wart. Any wart takes time to get rid of, unless you go to a Dr. And he freezes it off. If it is comprised of tough layers of skin, it might be a bunion. There are a myriad of products to reduce corns bunions and callouses. Dr. Scholl is a product line that carries many remedies for foot problem. I would see a Dr. And get some advice, and an accurate diagnosis, before proceeding to treatment.
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A corn is similar to a callus gone bad. It starts as a callus and in time the callus forms a core. This core is very hard and can become very painful.
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Corns are basically harder skin
which usually gets produced on feet and its not easy to treat because you
are not able to keep it from outer dirt. But it can be
prevented by using callus remover gel.

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