How Do You Make Bratwurst?


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Two of the most important ingredients to make Bratwurst is pork and veal.9.6 oz of Pork and 6.4 oz of Veal.

Red Wine 2 oz

1/2 tsp of Onion Salt,Ground White Pepper,Marjoram,Parsley

1 tsp of Salt

1/4 tsp Nutmeg and Celery Seed

1/8 tsp of Ginger,Mace,Cardamon
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Grill, broil, or fry Brats. Add sauteed onions and green peppers then put it on a bun. Love it! Also, great cooked on a stick over a fire on river bank.
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I make mine with veal and a lot of garlic, soaked in beer. With the beer though---the better the beer the better the taste so DON'T use Mich ultra, or any lite beer. A good beer is Foster's or Beck's. I soak them in beer (above) and onions for at least 24 hrs. Then I sauté the brats on a grill and put the onions in a pan and slow cook them too. OUT OF SIGHT!!!!!!! Add garlic if you want but NOT POWDERED garlic. Chopped or minced is OK---although chopped/sliced is better. Good eating
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Cover bratwurst with beer in fry pan. Bring to boil and simmer 20 minutes. Drain. Roast until golden brown on an outside grill or under broiler or in dry fry pan with a spoonful of hot sauerkraut.
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I see lot of people boil them for a short time in beer , then grill them and add them to the bun with a little sauteed onion and mustard .
Never tried to make them from scatch though , the recipe above looks good but very involved .
Casings ect.

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