Which Fruits And Which Food Habits Help To Aid Good Digestion?


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The most important things for good digestion are to eat a variety of foods including a good mix of fruit and vegetables, not to eat too heavily and to avoid or reduce certain foods. The foods which are bad for digestion include fatty and very spicy dishes, rich foods such as pastry, full fat dairy products, caffeine and alcohol.

Foods thought to aid digestion include mint, ginger (especially in a herbal tea), fish oil, bananas, lychees, asparagus and, in small quantities, low fat milk.

Generally, five portions of fruit and vegetables is the official advice. Go for a "rainbow mix" of different colours and types of  fruit and veg - all fruits are good really, although some people have a problem with citrus (oranges etc.)

It's also important to eat slowly, pause between mouthfuls and not eat too late at night.

The BBC health website gutweek has some nice "gut-friendly" recipes to start you off.
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Papayas aid digestion...try them out....but eat them raw.
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Bananas are good for absorption of nutrients, and also as an antacid effect, coupled with protection from peptic ulcers. They also have a lot of potassium in them, which is found to be something that as the body gets older is harder for the body to keep in the system. Hope this helps.
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Pineapple is good for the digestion. Bananas are very difficult to digest, however , if you take tablets for water retention, you must eat a banana a day to replace the lost potassium.
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Guava is the best fruit for digestion. Someday's you stuff yourself, just eat Guava and you feel lighter immediately...trust me it works everytime
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I'd suggest that you'd do some research on the digestive enzymes in these fruits. I don't know but I think that the pineapple might be better than the banana.
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The best fruit for digestion is banana....as it cure's ulcers in stomach .so it is the one of the best fruit ...
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The Tamarindo fruit is supposedly good for digestion. Not so tastey to eat fresh/raw, but when you make it into a juice, it's delicious!!!! You can but the frozen pulp in any latin food product store. Mix the frozen pulp in a blender with a little bit of sugar and water or milk...I would use water if you are already having digestion problems. One of my favorite juices.
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Fruits such as plums, strawberries, apricots, many of the seeded fruits.   Try to stay away from citrus and highly acidic fruits.
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Banannas do the trick along with a balanced diet with foods from each food group..
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