How Do You Keep Bananas From Turning Brown And Soft So Quickly?


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Fred Jones Profile
Fred Jones answered
Springle or spritz the bananas with lemon juice will help them from turning brown. If you spritz them, I would think the flavor would be light enough that it would be unnoticeable but you should try it first to make sure.
Clark Davis Profile
Clark Davis answered
Put it in a brown paper bag where the sun light can't get to it and put it back in the fridge.
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Tauseef Sheikh answered
If you immediately put the cake in fridge it will save from getting brown. As they get brown when they kept for long in open air.
Cheryl Regina Villanueva Profile
Just don't place your bananas in the refrigerator. And if you think you can't consume those at your desired day, try to pick full grown but green ones yet and keep them in an open basket or tray.
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Olga answered
Apart from keeping bananas in a warm place I can also suggest to keep them away from anything else, i.e. Put them in a separate bag at the supermarket and don't put anything on top of them in your car boot
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lala answered
Add any type of vitamin C on the banana, and you will see that it wont rotten fast.
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b a answered
This is only an opinion.. I think I heard of that, when you soaked the banana in lemon juice, it will prevent it from turning brown...

Why don't you try a cake flavored as lemonized-banana cake ^^ hek hek hek.. What a flavor yum yum ^^ hehehe

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