Are Grapes Suppose To Be Refrigerated After Purchasing?


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tina whitney answered
If you want them to last longer then yes,but no when they don't have to be refrigerated. You could put them in a bowl if they will be eaten with in a couple of days.
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Joan answered
NO, you can keep them on the counter in a pretty bowl, if you wish.  Eat them within a few days though.  They will rot.
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Nealious James answered

Dena! It really depends on your taste! I like mine cold and will normally refrigerate
most of my fruits. This keeps them fresh for a longer period of time and in
summer, it’s ideal to have a few slices that come straight from the freezer! I
suggest that you store them in the cooler if it’s too warm outside!

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Tom Jackson answered

Older question, but worth a revisit.

Go here and scroll down to:

Part 2  Storing Grapes to Maintain Freshness

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FROZEN yes! I was told by a good friend to try them frozen, and thought what a crazy idea. Then I found out, not so crazy and really great this way.
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Yes, it is best for them to be..they will be more fresh and keep much longer if refrigerated.
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lucy charge answered
You can have them frozen, refrigerated, room temperature, its your choice. But ive got to admit that I love them when they are really cold
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No but they keep longer when they are refrigerated and I think taste better. Try them frozen

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