Are There Different Types Of Cantaloupe?


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Yes, there are a couple of different types of cantaloupe, and they're found in different regions.  I'll try to give you a better idea of the differences below:

North American Cantaloupe

The North American cantaloupe varies from its European counterpart, and distinguishes itself in appearance.  It's easy to spot a North American cantaloupe because it has an interesting rind that looks like it's covered in netting.  You'll find this type of cantaloupe commonly within places such as Canada and the United States.

European Cantaloupe

The European cantaloupe looks a bit different from the North American variety, and instead of having a netting-like rind, it has a greyish rind.  This was the original version of a cantaloupe, before all melons with orange flesh were given the same title.

I love any type of melon, but cantaloupe's are a delicious breakfast option.  Here's a video showing you how to cut a cantaloupe properly:

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