How Do You Make Avocado Oil?


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The pulp of the avocado, which is the fleshy part o the fruit that surrounds the brown seed, can be refined to make oil. In order to do this the oil must be separated from the avocado by dehydrating the pulp, which is achieved by pressing or extracting with solvents. This process can also be achieved by cold-pressing or heat extraction. These two different processes create two different types of oil.

By using the heat extraction method, the oil is viscous, pale yellow to colorless with a bland odor. In contrast, the cold- pressed oil is considered the more desirable oil because, quite simply, it contains more nutritious components. This type of oil is emerald green in color with a thick sludgy appearance.

The cold-pressed avocado that is regarded as the most desirable is considered a hugely beneficial source of natural oil because it is the most rapid form of skin penetration, more so than any other form of oil or moisturizer. This type of oil is used in both commercial and homemade preparations of skin carehair care and bath products including soaps. Furthermore, it is considered the most desirable because of its different properties of nutrients and the benefits these nutrients can have for the skin. Cold presses avocado oil contains both high levels vitamin E and A, also, it is a natural antiseptic, which rejuvenates and repairs skin, making it appear softer and more supple.

Additionally, because it is a natural source which is free from all forms of preservatives, this type of oil can be used on both babies and the elderly. It can also be used as sunscreen for those people with particularly sensitive skin, allowing a form of sun protection that is natural and will not cause any form of irritation even to those with the most sensitive of skin.
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Oils and fats float on water. So if you mash ripe ones or squeeze them in a press,then put them in a muslin cloth squeeze out all the liquid and let it drip in to a vessel , oil floats so with a little warmth it should rise to the top and then it can be skimmed . It could be gently boiled until the water has been evaporated.

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