How Do You Extract Oil From Avocados?


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In Australia, avocado oil is plenty, you can see it together with the other oils. It sells well. This oil can give people with bipolar disorder a balance no other oil can. For me it works like 'Lorenzo Oil' Awsome!
I want a partner to invest and buil an avocado oil extraction plant.
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Does it matter why he wants to do it at home? I can take the assumption if I would buy a piece of land with a lot of "something" that you want to do various things with it. Oil is a good way to make money too. And it is a lot of fun.

I would guess you could easily distill the skin and through a sep.Funnel take the oil.
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Crush the pulp and mix with water, oil should be floating to the surface. Not effective but functional if you are after small quantities
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The reason I want to know how to extract Oil from avos is because I may be in the position to buy a property with many avo trees on it and am interested in the process of extracting the may be too complicated to to from a lifestyle block, but maybe it can be done and I would like to know how and what the process is.
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I suggest you simply sell them whole. They can be sold up to $2 each.
I personally want to learn how to do it to use the oil in soap making. I have 2 avocado trees going to waste because I don't like them much. I give most away to neighbors.
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With difficulty I imagine, since avocado contains a wonderful rich oil beneficial, to us because of its ability to maintain good Hdl cholesterol levels in our bodies, but is not oily in its normal state.
It can be done commercially, as this is used in cosmetic treatments, face masks etc, but in this case, is not edible,
I am curious to know why you would want to extract it at home.
Eating avocado as it is, or pulping it, can provide all the essential ingredients for a healthy diet.
In the past they were shuned by people trying to loose weight, as it was thought they were too rich and therefore two fattening, however this is not the case, as they help provide the balance that helps dieters avoid cravings for snack foods.

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