Which Vegetable And Fruits Are Rich In Iron?


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Beans are rich in iron. Chick peas.  Tehini dip has the most iron of all.  Also it is a good idea to increase your vitamin C so that your body can absorb iron better.  Vegetable & fruit  juices are great for this.  Also some fruit juices/without Sugar added (the kids stuff).  You need to be at 18 g per day of iron.  Woman or man.

You will absorb the iron quicker if it is in a juice.  When eating the solid foods it takes much longer for the iron/energy to be absorbed.  Too many things can interfere with proper digestion and or absorption.  

Drinking an iron rich juice is better, so it may be absorbed quicker and more efficient.  Eating some iron rich food along with vitamin C will give you optimum results.

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