Can Anyone Please Explain Me The Heterotrophic Mode Of Nutrition? Please Explain Me In Me In Detail.


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The mode of nutrition in which organisms cannot manufacture food and animals to obtain energy is called heterotrophic nutrition.
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Heterotrophic mode of nutrition
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There are number of plants, mostly non green those have acquired other modes of nutrition. These modes are as follows.

1. Parasite mode
2. Saprophytic mode
3. Insectivorous mode
4. Symbiosis.

The parasite plants are unable to prepare food by the process of photosynthesis and depend for their food requirements on other living plants. The plant from which they drive food is called the host. Parasite plants have special roots called as haustoria's roots which penetrate into the vascular bundles of the host plant and draw food material for them. Thus the host plant grows weaker and gradually dies. Examples are the Cascuta or the dodder plant.

The saprophytic plants are devoid of chlorophyll and are unable to prepare their food at all. They draw their nourishment from the decomposed matter of the dead remains of animals and plants. Examples of some saprophytic plants are Neottia and Monotropa.

The insectivorous plants have chlorophyll in their leaves and can prepare their food by the process of photosynthesis. These plants grow in places, which are deficient in nitrogen and sulfur such as marshy areas. This deficiency effects the growth and development of these plants. Their nutritional needs of proteins are supplemented by small insects which are trapped, digested and absorbed by the modified leaf parts. Examples of insectivorous are pitcher plants, venus fly trap etc.

Symbiosis is mutually beneficial association existing between two organisms and both organisms derive benefit from each other without causing any harm to each other. Examples are the leguminous plants.

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