What Fruits And Vegetables Are High In Protein?


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Asparagus, legumes such as chick peas, beans and cauliflower are all examples of vegetables that contain high quantities of protein. There are more similar vegetables that are rich in protein; mostly are of a green or yellow color. Very few fruits contain more than one gram of protein - although they do contain other nutrients that are beneficial to the health. If you are looking to incorporate extra protein into your diet, eating more vegetables is a great way in which to do so. Vegetables are low in fat and calories so always make a good addition to anyone's diet. For this reason, most diet plans allow the unlimited consumption of vegetables.

• The importance of protein

Protein is one of the fundamental nutrients everyone must ensure they consume enough of. They found in large quantities in foods such as lean meat, fish and vegetables. Protein is responsible for the building of muscles (hence why those wishing to gain muscle mass, typically body builders, drink 'protein shakes') and also the repairing of ripped muscle tissue. Not getting enough protein can lead to a person feeling tired and weak. Sportsmen and women in particular should ensure they eat enough protein, as it is essential for the development of muscles in the body that are needed to participate in certain sports.

• Protein and vegetarianism

It is very difficult for vegetarians to consume enough protein on a day to day basis, as they abstain from eating meat and fish, both of which contain high amounts of protein. If you are a vegetarian, aim to consume protein-rich vegetables each day as part of a balanced diet. Nuts and seeds are also valuable sources of protein. A vegetarian diet can be a healthy, balanced one providing the individual does not forget to include enough protein in their diet.
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Red kidney beans
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All green vegetables are a good source of proteins but I would suggest you to opt for to dairy products for getting proteins
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If all green vegetables are high in protein then should people with high uric acid problem not eat these vegetables?
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