Does Watermelon Have High Potassium?


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Everybody knows that all fruits and vegetables are good for your health and thanks to a great deal of excellent marketing over the last decade or so most individuals around the world are starting to consume their 'five a day' servings of either fruit or vegetables. The main factor that most people are not aware of is the actual vitamins that are present in each fruit or vegetable and the amount of each vitamin that is present. This is something that is extremely important, especially if you would like to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits and it is certainly one of the most refreshing, especially on a hot summer’s day. What very few people are aware of is the actual vitamins and minerals that are present in this delicious fruit. Many people make the common misconception that the potassium levels are extremely high in the watermelon but this is not the case. The watermelon has very high levels of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and vitamin B1 (thiamine). Watermelon does have a good amount of potassium but there is around five times the amount of vitamin C as there is potassium so if you are looking for high potassium levels then perhaps the watermelon is not the fruit for you. Potassium is a great source of energy and many people will try to consume fruits with high potassium content before they head to the gym or to carry out any other exercise. Bananas are probably the fruit with the highest levels of potassium.
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Watermelon does have high potassium which is good if you have blood pressure problems. It does have natural sugar so monitor your blood sugar if your a diabetic
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You can go to to pull up watermelon. I looked at it, and found that 100g. Or 3.5 oz there is only 2% potassium. Go and check it out. Another site you might like to try is, it's a medical site with a lot of information about all sorts of ailments and home remedies, as well as things that require a doctors attention. Hope this helps, good luck.
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From Watermelon you can get good amount of vitamins like
vitamin A, B6, C and potassium as well. And it is good for diabetic, asthmatic
people and also good for people who have arthritis.  
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Water melon is an excellent source of vitamins and for someone like you on a restricted diet its perfect enjoy ,I think it's bananas you would need to eat less of they contain high potassium levels

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