Are All Vegetables Good For You?


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Are carrot's brookley good for blood sugar
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I love vegetables!!!   But everyone in my class thinks I'm crazy...
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God has made this world n as we all don't want to know that thia earth given us a lot...
      As God produce vegetables and fruits and they have a great importance for us.vegetables are very necessary for a man in his life to keep healthy.vegetables whether it may be any quantity are very important for a body to do work or to get active.

We can take vegetables of our choice in a moderate quantity and have to eat them.these vegetables provides us Strength,Power and a fresh thinking to our mind to get better and helpful ideas to solve our problems or to do our work in a very best way.

Every vegetable has its own significance and advantages...these vegetables provides us with Calcium,Protein,Vitamins{A,B,C,D,E and H},Carbohydrates etc which are very important and most important much necessary for our body.if our body get these vegetables in a moderate amount or quantity then it may be able to its work in a nice and good way.

Hence vegetables of every kind and shape however in which quantity they are very important for us.So briefly we can say that all vegetables are without any doubt important for us.
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Healthy eating advice advocates a minimum of five fruit and vegetable portions a day. In some countries this is six and looks set to rise. Portions are often quite substantial amounts of food and there are rules governing how many juiced fruit drinks or portions of dried fruit can be included each day. The standard advice gives the impression that all vegetables are very good for you. To some extent this is true. However, you will see that the potato is specifically excluded from five a day targets. This is because despite having some fibre and vitamins potatoes are mainly starch and are not as full of valuable nutrients as other vegetables. On top of this, the glycaemic index, a rating system that measures the speed at which foods release their sugars into the bloodstream, indicates that some vegetables are quick release and some slow. For example, parsnips rate very high on the scale as quick releasing veg as do mashed potatoes while red lentils are rated as very slow release vegetables. Slow release foods are considered to be important for healthy eating as a means of regulating energy supplies and blood sugar levels. So it is clear that while all vegetables are good for you, some are better than others and some should be eaten in moderation.
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Without vegetables, we are nothing! Even if we have ONE A DAY tablets, that still isn't good enough for our awesome growth and development. Especially broccoli and other awesome green vegetables are good for you even if there is a potato in front of you, that is still better than meat. ALL vegetables are good for you. (THIS IS MY OPINION)
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"A apple a day can takes the doctor away".Vegetables and friuts really do necessary for our human every day.

But sometimes in order to kill the insects which lives on the vegetables,human choose to emit the insecticides.when we have a meal,the food is likely to contain the rest insecticides.

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