Which Is The Most Nutritious Vegetable In The World?


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The most nutrious vegetable in the world is Broccoli. Below is the list of the remaining 10 most nutritious vegetables:
Brussels sprouts
Lima beans
Sweet potatoes
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Actually, Seaweed. Any kind of seaweed has 7 to 10 times the mineral content of the most nutritious land vegetable. Nutrition is often given away by it's hue. The darker the color on a vegetable, the more vitamins and minerals it has to offer. Seaweed is either a really, really dark green....some are black even. And then there are brown varieties, red varieties, and even blue-green varieties. On land, it would be a toss up between dinosaur kale (aka lacinato kale) and swiss chard (aka red chard.
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Yep on this one I am in 100% agreement with Aicha, brocoli is the scientifically most healthy vegetable.
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Individually, one of the most nutritious vegetables worldwide is artichokes. Artichokes own various nutrients that benefits our general health.

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  • Broccoli is the best

  • chard

  • spinich

  • asparagus

  • bussell sprouts

  • carrots

  • sweet potatoes

  • regular potatoes with the skin for potassium

  • lima beans


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