Does Drinking Beer Everyday Harm Your Liver?


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The amount of damage that is done to your liver because of alcohol will depend on the amount of beer that you are drinking every day. It is recommended that men do not drink more than 21 units of alcohol a week and that women should not drink more than 14.

Drinking excessively more than these limits on a regular basis is likely to contribute towards liver damage in later life. Liver disease caused by alcohol is something that is difficult to diagnose until it has already happened because there are no early warning signs.

The risk of getting liver damage can be reduced by being aware of alcohol intake. Avoiding excessive drinking on a regular basis can benefit the liver in the long term. Those who are worried about liver damage should seek the advice of a doctor immediately as symptoms imply that liver failure has begun.

  • Vague liver damage symptoms
Some vague symptoms of liver damage that may be experienced by sufferers include; pain in the liver, general feeling of poor health and fatigue, a loss of appetite and feelings of sickness and nausea that are often felt first thing in the morning.

  • Specific liver damage symptoms
The symptoms that can be specifically linked to liver damage include; vomiting blood, dark black stools, significant weight loss, yellow eyes or yellow skin and periods of confusion or poor memory.

While it is still widely debated that drinking beer every day will definitely cause damage to your liver, it has been proven that excessive drinking on a regular basis can contribute towards liver failure.

It is extremely important to seek medical attention for any liver problem symptoms as it is something that will need immediate treatment. For the best advice, consult a doctor.
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Well my sisters boyfriend , great guy , use to drink just beer everyday we did too.differance was with him he  would wake  at 4 am and pop one open, he  would go back to sleep , but the  thing was when he  was awake  he  had a beer in his hand , he  held  it  good  didnt  change his attitude etc , just loved beer and  didnt eat a lot for a while .so his body was taken in 90% just beer. My sister one day noticed the  yellow a little in his skin and eyes, then from that point on was just in and out  of hospitals, happened so fast  and  few months later he died , 50 yrs old, so yes it can happen!
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Yes  many  people  end  up  with  Cirrosis  of  the liver
Yes because it has alcohol and it damages your memory to.
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Do you have one beer or or an 18 pack. Drinking alcohol to excess, no matter if it's beer,wine whatever is BAD for you

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