Does Drinking Two Bottles Of Wine Every Day Harm You?


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Drinking that amount will definitely harm you!
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Yes that is too much. Wine is good for the body but not two bottles in a day.
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Especially if done every day. Damage will build up in your organs from 2 bottles daily because you aren't giving them any time to repair damage.
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I would suggest cutting down to one bottle a day and just 2-3 times a week not daily that is what I do.
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Yes, that is way too much whatever your age, gender or build. The safe limit is considered to be 21 units a week for men and 14 for women. A 75cl bottle of wine is about 7 to 9 units, so even one bottle a day would be far more than your system can cope with. You couldn't do this for very long without serious liver and other damage.

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