Why Does Wine Give A Worse Hangover Than Drinking A Spirit Such As Gin?


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Wine is rumoured to result in a worse hangover than a drink like gin which is distilled, making it quite pure, because wine contains tannins and is a fermented product, whereby the grapes are squashed and then set to bubble up and ferment undisturbed, producing all kind of chemical reactions and by-products, this, depending on the wine and its quality of course.
The term red wine headache, is often used because one feels like one has been hit between the eyes with a pick, this is often due to additives in wine, which along with sulphites, which almost all wine contains, and an additive put in, to stop discolouration and cloudiness. Which, when added in too large a proportion, gives one this headache.
The moral of the story is do not drink cheap plonk.
I get a quantity of young organic wine straight from a grower each year, which we then take a year to consume, and no longer have this problem.
Also, for each glass of wine you drink, drink a glass of water next.
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Very interesting - I think then the saying is true - life really is too short to drink cheap wine!
Thanks Sallie x

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