Is It True That You Get Drunk Quicker On Champagne?


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If you pour it into you're anus, you'll really speed up the process.
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Yes you will get drunk quicker on champagne than on standard (non fizzy) wine. This is because the little bubbles in the champagne contain air and these effectively springboard the alcohol into your system and the result is that you get tiddly or squiffy much earlier than on normal wine.
Some people also assert that champagne never gives you a hangover, but sadly I have not found this to be the case.
If you are in a rush to get tiddly, any fizzy wine with an alcohol content of over 5% will do the same trick as champagne. There are some good quality 'fizzlers' about these days but do not be fooled by the no hangover claims. It's Nature's way of reminding us that we shouldn't get too squiffy too often !
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Dude what is tiddly and squiffy haha! Is that Australian or English slang?
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Sometimes,but it also depends on how strong the champagne is

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