Is it really true that you can't feel pain while you are drunk?


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It just makes me less focused on pain as my mind wonders more. I think it just lowers your receptiveness to pain but you can still feel it. I can, I remember one occasion where I hurt myself while drunk. I didn't remember a whole lot but certainly the pain of that rugged driveway concrete !

Im sure I looked like an idiot too lol

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I have a true life story ramble  for this q too :) a New Year's Eve I had a few people over and I had a big magnum bottle of wine I was pouring a glass from for one of my guests .... I grabbed it and dropped it on my foot :/ someone said put your shoe on quick before your foot swells up ... So I did and went out dancing all night had an awesome time ... Didn't feel a thing ... So next morning I woke up in soooo much pain ... I went to hospital and I had broke my toe with the wine bottle :/ they had to drill a hole in my nail and my friends in the waiting area could hear me scream in pain ... Any way short answer yes ... I danced the night away cow drunk ... No pain that night :)

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Zack -  Mr. GenXer
It sounded like it was worth it, but only a little bit.
Jaimie  JT
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It was worth it !!! It was a little band playing and I got to sing the winner takes it all on stage ... Was a fun night ... But I didn't like the drilling my nail the next day .. That was suckish :(
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Dear Zack,

I actually use alcohol for pain control...being unsure over-the-counter painkillers are all that safe.

But a tablespoon of some whiskey neat does it for me, almost any kind of pain.

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Didge Doo
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Boy, if I'd known that in the day I'd have manufactured ALL kinds of pain so I could keep medicating. :)
Virginia Lou
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ha ha, for this to work Dozy it means you rarely take can build up a tolerance...but if you virtually never imbibe then even one tablespoon and you are feeling NO pain!
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Jaimie was either more drunk than me or has a higher pain threshold. I went to a party where we were playing Win, Lose, or Draw. Some of the cards would stick up as you pulled another one out. I leaned over to pat the cards down, so the other team couldn't read them and cheat. (My brothers were on the other team, so it is  given they would cheat.) While I was patting the cards one of the guys who was at the board turned around and his elbow hit me right in my nose. There was a cracking sound. I felt some pain but nothing I couldn't handle.

At the time, the only time I wore glasses was when I drove. The next morning my nose hurt, but I about hit the roof when I put my glasses on. It was 3 weeks before I could wear my glasses without pain.

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Jaimie  JT
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Probably both gater .... I also broke my thumb once and didn't know ... I went into the hospital two months later and had to have it rebroke to set ... No alcohol involved :)
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You'll certainly feel it when you start to sober up.

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For me it is like some of you described.  You can feel the pain, but it is "distant" and doesn't really bother you.  I can (dimly) recall a couple of times in the Navy when I experienced injury while drunk and at the time thought it was funny and laughted about it.  Not so funny the nexdt day. 

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You will feel that pain next day times two .

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There's a bit of a numbing effect, I suppose, but I wouldn't say you don't feel pain. Your reaction to it might just be a bit delayed, since you tend to be really oblivious when you're drunk.

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