Is There A Marsala Cooking Wine And A Marsala Drinking Wine?


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Yep, there are two different types. Usually things labeled "cooking wine" are salted and of lower quality. They salt these wines so they don't have to pay alcohol taxes (which can be quite high). It's usually advised to steer clear of cooking wines. The only exception I've found is a company out of California ( They are blending specialty wines for different types of cooking. The wines taste pretty darned nice and they say what they cook best with on the bottle.But to be clear, Marsala isn't such a palatable wine to begin with. Even the stuff that's not "cooking wine" is pretty intense. That company I mentioned actually did a blog post recently about the flavor of Marsala, Sherry, Madeira, etc... They've got a description of the different types of "cooking wines" out there. Might be worth a look-see: Http:// luck!

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