What Five Reasons Are Good And Not Good Drinking Alcohol?


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Resons that it is good:
- It makes you feel high
- You enjoy partying
- Keeps you attracted to the drinking group
- You have a unique circle of friends through it
- Certain amount is good for health as well.

Disadvantages are:
- Drinking too much will cause hang overs
- Drinking while driveing is deadly
- Excess is harmful for liver
- You lose control and make wrong decisions
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Disadvantages can be far worse than listed. Too many to list and different people may be affected different ways.

Would think dissadvantages far outway advantages.
Alcohol can be a deadly drug.
If it had just been discovered I would think it would be class A drug.
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1. Helps you build a tolerance to it reducing hangovers and negative effects
2. Very social, any party with alcohol is generally going to be talked about the next day
3. Loosens you up, some people are always on edge and think too much, solution? Alcohol
4. Everyone drinks alcohol (except awesome people and virgins, who are generally the one and the same). You don't want to be some kind of outcast.
5. Depending on what you drink you can undeniably appear "bad-ass" so to speak.

1. Hangovers suck
2. You can't drink and drive (it's fatal)
3. You vommit and lose total control of some bodily functions
4. You can make very poor decisons
5. Loss of memory
6. Addiction and subsequent health problems relating to your liver and such
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Having fun
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Good reasons to drink
5) red wine helps circulation
4) it helps in social environments
3) temporarily helps you forget what is bothering you
2) helps induce sleep
and 1) everyone gets better looking the more you drink (LOL)

Bad reasons to drink
5) to much drinking causes alcoholism
4) you may become to social and say things you regret
3) those things you temporarily forgot are still there
2) waking up with hangovers
and #1) you may regret being in bed with the person when you wake up.

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