Are Cold Drinks Good For Health ?


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No cold drinks aren't good for particular coca cola is very bad for health....I you drink it a lot it will slowly and slowly remove the calcium from your bones...they will become weak and hollow......and all the other drinks contain lots of sugar so its better to not take them continuously !

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Cold drinks can be good for your health depending on the circumstances and on what you are drinking. Of course, as you well know, drinking lots of sugary drinks and pop remains unhealthy, whether they are served chilled, or at room temperature.

The healthiest cold drink is just plain water. When participating in sports or exercise, it is usually better to drink chilled water as your body will be able to better absorb this than if the water was at room temperature. When exercising, it is key to remain hydrated and drinking cold water allows for this to happen at a much faster rate.

There are certainly some instances when drinking cold liquids is not recommended. For example, it is not a good idea to drink an ice cold glass of water while eating a hot soup, as this can damage your teeth. Nevertheless, in most cases it is perfectly healthy to drink chilled beverages and it may be a good idea to reject some urban legends that have claimed the opposite over the years.
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No, cold drinks are not good for health as it causes various types of health problems. Instead of drinking soda, drink water that makes body healthier & keeps ways from health issues.

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Moderate intake of cold drink doesn't gives any adverse effect on your health, but if you drink too much then you are in danger zone. It increase the risk of cancer, blood pressure, kidney disorders, and obesity.

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My grandmother swears off cold water. She is stronger and active and thinner than my mother. She may on to something here.
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I would say cold drinks are good for health when the weather is hot because it helps get you cool on the inside to the outside and makes you quite comfortable while it last but cold drinks are not good for health after meals for it helps clot the oil in your stomach which results to accumulated fats to excess fats and finally results to cancer.So please avoid cold drinks after meals or along side with meals but is recommended before meals and especially when the weather is uncomfortably hot. During meals drink some thing warm like water or tea.
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Cold water is good for your metabolism, your body requires extra energy to heat it up so it speeds up your metabolism.
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No, cold drinks are not very healthy as they slowly damage your lungs and make you dizzy. I drank a cold drink and I was feeling dizzy after 5 mins. So don't drink cold drinks.  Maybe once in a while is ok but not everytime

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