DO Energy Drinks Help And Do They Cause Any Harm?


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Try a red bull and jagermeister. I don't know if it's good for you, but it sure is good!
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jagerbombs are dangerous. The caffeine in the Red Bull speeds up your heart rate and the alcohol thins the blood. Essentially it can give you a heart attack and other complications. But they are good.
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I have to admit energy drinks taste really good but NO kind of energy drink is good for you they can cause childhood obesity and if you drink to many you could die! And I'm not making this up i did my research because i have a speech to write on this!
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Energy drinks touted as giving you wings also give you a lot of health problems. Even young healthy people may show symptoms of cardiovascular diseases one hour after taking just one can of energy drink. The results can be deadly if combined with stress or high blood pressure. Energy drinks may impair proper blood vessel functions and possibly increase the risk of blood clotting. Moreover, energy drinks are linked to risky and aggressive behaviour of young people, prompting them to hurt the others or to be hurt as victims. The high caffeine content in energy drinks would increase stress levels, reduce concentration, and hamper complex memory tasks and problem solving. Hence energy drinks should be avoided by students who would like to excel in examinations.
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Energy drinks have different kinds of herbs and such which could interact with medications. Most have huge amounts of caffeine and sugar which rev you up and then let you drop like a rock--unless you drink another. They are not "good" for you and can harm you if you have specific medical conditions. Be careful if you insist on drinking these solutions.

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