What Are The Negative Effects On Energy Drinks?


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Each energy drink uses a specific set of ingredients and this means that they have different side effects depending on these ingredients. Some of the common side effects of energy drinks include a high level of carbohydrates that can affect the absorption of other essential food nutrients into the blood stream which will create a deficiency for these nutrients and an abundance of carbs. This may result in gastro vascular diseases. It also slows down the absorption into the blood which means that even though you are using energy slowly but you will also take a long time to absorb fluids and this may result in dehydration. These drinks have a high sugar content that can act as a laxative and cause a severe downturn in energy levels when it leaves the body. High caffeine levels can affect the sleeping patterns.
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Some energy drinks are phenylketonurics meaning that later on that persons life who have been drinking massive amounts are prone to or risk for or might even have mental or brain defects
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