What's the best energy drink?


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Lia Tan answered

Energy drinks are all bad for you. I mean they can give you that burst of energy that you need or that caffeine rush, but they are in the end bad for you. There is too much sugar, they sometimes have too much caffeine, and there are a lot of chemicals that can disturb your body and its bodily functions. I personally think that the best drink is always water. After you workout, drink water. If you thirsty, drink water. If you are going to exercise, drink water. That's my rule of thumb.

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David Shabazi answered

If you were talking about which energy drinks gets the job done faster (and gives the most energy), that honestly depends on the person.

There are so many factors to include here. Person A could be allergic to Energy Drink A and not Energy Drink B, while Person B could be allergic to Energy Drink B and not A. You know? And it's not just allergies, but it also depends on your decisions. What if (let's just say) you were the kind of person that was lazy on average? Energy drinks wouldn't do as much as you'd expect. And there are so many other factors to include in this very general question. So it really depends on the person to determine which energy drink gets the job done faster.

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You want an energy drink that doesnt make your heart flutter and make you fear your having a heart attack Mountain Dew has energy drinks and they are the only ones i can drink. Dont mind being on the verge of a heart attack redbull or monster is for you! Either way its bad for you why not just have a shot of espresso or some green tea in the morning by the hour youll be bouncing of the wall!

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