What's the best summertime drink or cocktail?


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Duane Bryant Profile
Duane Bryant answered
Gin and tonic or rum with any citrus (use light rum, less sugars, also I use Sweet and Low to lessen sugar which I believe helps cause hangovers).  Margaritas are hard to beat anytime.
sansa stark Profile
sansa stark answered
Peach schnapps, lemonade dash of lime. Yummy.
Cheryle Masters Profile
Cheryle Masters answered
Summertime drink:  Ice Tea and Lemonade.  There are some really interesting ice tea's and lemonades made w/various fruits.  These sound interesting to me.  Cocktail:  Don't really drink anymore because it affects my breathing.  Used to like Wallabedarn's at the Outback Restaurant, a peach slurpie type drink made w/peach vodka; Jack and Coke or Capt Morgan's and Coke or Myers Rum and Coke.  Used to like Whiskey Sours until the sour affected my stomach.  A good Marg can be hard to come by.  A few wks ago, my husband ordered a Strawb Dac and it was the worst I had ever sipped.
Abi Crowhurst Profile
Abi Crowhurst answered

I like Mai Tais. They're tasty and refreshing - with all the tropical fruits and color making it a very summery drink.

They're also rum based, and rum is my favorite spirit!

Lea Andersen Profile
Lea Andersen answered

Since I love cucumber, I'll suggest cucumber cooler. Some of Hong kong's best cocktail bars served this one, the reason why I loved this drink. It is consist of cucumber, sliced crosswire, garnish, fresh thyme leaves, vodka nad simple syrup. It will really help you ease the thirst brought by summer =)

Virginia Zuloaga Profile

Two things I can't live without in summer: A very cold beer (German preferably)  or a delicious Spanish Rueda white wine.  Also served very cold!  Yum!

But when I'm craving something sweeter, a "Tinto de Verano"  is my first option.

Y olé!

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