What Are The Best Slow Release Energy Foods For Diabetics?


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The best are:

· Whole grain foods

This is foods such as bread and pasta. They are slow releasing and will give you the energy you need.

· Fruit and vegetables

You must also have the good carbohydrates to ensure your diet is healthy and balanced when you are diabetic. You are also going to have the slow releasing energy foods which are important and mean you will not experience any problems related to your illness.

· Beans

Fiber and slow releasing energy foods such as beans are ideal for anyone who is diabetic. You need to ensure that the foods are slow releasing of energy and these are likely to be carbohydrates. The sugar is going to stay in your system longer and you will experience much better results than if you were to have shorter sugar rushes.

It is always going to be best for you to get the right information for you from your local GP. They can ensure that you are treated according to your specific symptoms. Everyone is different and there are different types of diabetes which you are going to need to be aware of before you plan out a diet and decide on the foods which you should eat.

No matter what advice you have, you will probably be told to eat more carbohydrates, alongside healthy foods to keep your sugars down but provide you with essential nutrients.
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Slow release foods are slow carbs which are carbohydrates that digest slowly. User of this diet can feel fullness for longer duration. Slow carbs release energy in the blood in steady manner. Other name of this diet is low glycemic load diet.
Low glycemic load diets are very helpful for diabetic patients. This diet includes fish, lean meats, fruits & vegetables, reduced dairy products, healthy oils, beans, whole grain foods and nuts.

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Thank you for your help we will try your recommendations and hopefully get things right.

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