Which Foods Are Energy Giving Food?


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All foods that contain carbohydrates are energy giving foods because carbohydrates are converted into
glucose in our digestive system,which is used by the body to gain energy by the process of respiration.Glucose is converted into CO2 which is released out from the body.
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Food items containing carbohydrates and fats give the body energy. Children and those people who do manual work require more food from this group.
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Energy giving food is anything that is eatable and that has calories, the body uses the calories and the proteins in the food to make energy, different foods provide different amounts of energy.
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Your body can convert between different types of energy source, except for fibre, so any carbohydrate rich food (e.g. Fruits), starch rich food (e.g. Potatoes), protein rich food (e.g. Meat) or fat rich food (e.g. Whipped cream) will be able to provide you with energy.
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The foods that are most known to give off an efficient amount of energy are carbohydrates. This for the most part will include starches. Pasta, potato, bread are some of the examples.

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