How Many Energy Drinks Per Day Is Too Many?


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Energy drinks contain a mixture of caffeine and taurine. Some can contain
as much as 300 mg. Of caffeine. One cup of coffee contains approx. 80 mg. Of caffeine.
Caffeine causes high blood pressure, nervousness, and heart palpitations (the heart has flutter
type sensations.)
The danger lies with mixing taurine, and caffeine. Some people have been known to have strokes, and heart attacks, after consuming too many of these drinks. One popular brand has been banned in  Norway, Uruguay, and Denmark. One study found that by drinking just one can of the sugar free substance; it increased the stickiness of the blood, and raised the potential of blood clots. In Canada one popular drink is allowed to be sold but with a warning label:
Not recommended for children, pregnant  or breastfeeding women, caffeine sensitive persons, or
to be mixed with alcohol. Do not consume more than 500 ml a day.

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