Is Gold Good For Your Health?


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Wearing gold jewellery has been a sign of wealth and status for many centuries and it is well known that the rich have longer than average life spans and less health problems than the poor. But does gold itself have health giving properties? Yes it does. A French scientis Jacques Forestier discovered in 1929 that gold could be used successfully in the treatment of arthritis and certain rheumatic conditions. After the Second World War further studies showed that gold had a particular role to play in treating rheumatoid arthritis. For some time it was the most effective available treatment for reducing inflammation in joints and therefore reducing the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. In small quantities gold is edible and causes no harm to the human body. For example it is used in cake decorating and in other luxury food production such as chocolate making. It even has its own e-number which is E175. Unfortunately in larger doses gold does negatively effect the body and some patients treated with gold have experienced kidney and liver problems. However, it is still used as an effective treatment.
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Gold always have a positive effects on human body It never harms human body. It has some special effects on our body that helps us to have healthy life. A germ, free life.

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I wouldn't be surprised if tiny amounts of gold were good for your health. Certainly silver is a milk broad range anti-biotic. I know that colloidal gold also exists. I found an interesting link on the BBC referencing gold and silver based drugs in treating ovarian cancer:

BBC: Gold Silver & Cancer Research

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yes it is but based on its limit as everything if its in limit is worderful but if in access or less start creating issue and problems.

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YES!!!!  The more gold you have, the better and healthier life style you can afford and the better health care.

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