How much damage am I doing to my liver drinking 3 and a half glasses of wine (one bottle) every friday, saturday and sunday?


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Not that easy to answer as this has to add up tremendously over many years til one day the DR tells you not so good news and by then its way too late and then what vhe tells you is not very pretty at all
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The organs in each person are different, and can be affected differently. You really need to get a professional specialist to examine you and perform tests to determine your personal chances.
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Mila Cotta
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Thanks, but how would a doctor know? I mean people's bodies react differently to alcohol some heavy drinkers can drink heavily all their lives and be ok while another person who has 2 beers a few times a week can have problems so how do doctor's know?
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There are blood tests that show the output of the liver and test other liver functions.

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