Will my lifespan be decreased with how much I drink? I drink 3 bottles of wine in a weekend (750 ml's) on each day of the weekend including friday. Will I die before my time? If so how many years am I cutting off my life?


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You really worry too much about your drinking, has anybody ever told you that?
If it worries you so much why do you do it?
I very kindly must say, either stop and live this glamorized healthy way of living, or shut up and deal with the consequences.
And if you cut your life short, it's only the latter years, and those suck anyway.
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Mila Cotta
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I worry cause of what the idiot on yahoo said about my drinking. And what years will those be the 70's? 80's? 90's?
Joe B.
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Drink a lot of water between the alcohol binges...... So the weekends are alcohol time, flush out during the week, v8 juice, water etc..... You'll be fine...... Shoot worrying too much would cause an ulcer, so don't sweat things
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You could be but ever so slightly and besides you could get killed by a bus tomorrow and never know
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Mila Cotta
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You are right. No one knows what will happen tommorow, the world can end tommorow too and then everyone will die.

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