On Average How Many Shots Of Vodka Would It Take For A Person To Get Drunk?


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Vodka is widely known as one of the main 'party spirits' for its high alcohol content (40% ABV) and the ease with which it is mixed due to it's neutral taste. When you're out enjoying a night drinking with friends, it can be important to know your limitations so that a party atmosphere doesn't turn into a trip to your local hospital!

As with any alcoholic beverage, tolerance depends on a number of factors including your age, weight, gender or your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Also, everyone's body and metabolism works differently, so there's no rule of thumb about how much vodka you'd need to consume to begin feeling the effects.

To further complicate things, people have different definitions of what 'being drunk' actually means, I'm sure we've all seen people staggering out of bars with their shoes in their handbags protesting that they're only 'tipsy'

Getting in tune with how your body reacts to alcohol consumption is a really great idea, and just like you wouldn't gorge on your favorite snack until it made you are ill- enjoying a drink doesn't mean you have to keep drinking it until it makes you physically sick. Drinking culture these days does tend to put an emphasis on the quantity of alcohol you consume, with people often boasting about the amount of alcohol they can handle in a session. There's nothing clever about drinking more than your body can handle, you'll only end up harming your own body (and your bank balance). If building up a tolerance for alcohol is something you really feel determined to achieve, the best way to go about it would be to 'train' your body over a long period of time rather than to binge in one night and find yourself out of your depth.

The tricky part, however, is that whilst your body is pretty direct about letting you know that you're stomach is getting full from chowing down on your favorite food, it may take a little longer for your body to show the effects of the vodka shots you are knocking back.

Three main organs are involved in the breakdown of alcohol, so whilst you are sipping on your vodka drink, take into consideration that your kidney and lungs are working to process 10% of the alcohol in your system, with your liver taking on the remaining 90%

The legal age for drinking varies from country to country, and is generally between 16-21 years of age depending on where in the world you are, and whilst underage drinking is something that will occur no matter what the age limit is, it'd be wise to consider the reasons behind a drinking age.

At 13, for example, your body is not fully developed and will be much more likely to react negatively to hitting the vodka. Results of underage drinking could be anything from minor embarrassment like loosing control of your bodily functions in front of all your friends, through to doing some serious damage to your health or even leaving yourself vulnerable to injury and crime like robbery and sexual assault due to your incapacitated state.You've got your whole adult life to get drunk as much as you want, there's really no need to rush into it!

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I started drinking at about 13. It took about 4 shots to get me drunk. I was not a happy drunk most of the time. By the time I was 17 I was making my first A.A. Meeting. Nobody wanted to be around me, It cost me a lot of money, and I made a fool out of myself everywhere I went. It was a costly error in my life. If I had it to do over, I would never have taken that first drink. However in answer to your question, age, weight, amt. Of food in stomach and activity level will all contribute to the final answer. I came from a long line of Alcoholics and I had a tough liver. That is no longer the case. Several of my family members have died as a direct result of alcohol abuse. My advice is don't. My son has more fun than anyone I know, and he does not drink, use drugs, and he is considered 'way cool' by his peers, who like him for his compassion and sense of humor.They tell me that he is Awesome, so try being Awesome without being a fool.
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Ha! I am still trying to figure that out. Right now I am at 5 shots and I am not even buzzed!.....my dad and uncle are really surprised!
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Honestly....13 shouldn't be drinking....and since you don't know how many shots it would take clearly you shouldn't be worrying about it. However it really does depend on the person. The first time I ever drank I got drunk after 15 shots but that's rare to be able to drink THAT much the first time. Take it slow and be aware of yourself and you'll be okay.
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It depends on body weight and if your body is used to drinking, also how strong the alcohol is.

If you are 13, you should really just not drink at all believe me I know from experience drinking when you are too young is REALLY stupid and usually you will over do it and end up throwing up in your friends bed or in the street.  It leads to many embarrassing events!

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It depends on the weight of said 13-year old, and whether he/she has drank earlier in life. I was a tall boy, but started drinking at age 11. It would have taken at least two shots in my case. But the typical 13-yearold, who's never drank before, could be about 1 shot.
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I think it would depend on a few different things.  The weight of the person drinking, if he/she has had any food in thier stomach or is eating while consuming the alcohol and the strength of the alcohol.

It is not an experiment I would suggest finding the answer to.

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The shots of vodka it takes to get a person drunk varies for

Many things influence the effects it has on you. These things
include your gender, weight, alcohol tolerance, and how much time
you're giving in between each shot. For example a 140 pound male
drinking 5 shots in 1 hour might be properly drunk, while a 200 pound
male may only be slightly buzzed.

But this also varies with tolerance.
Tolerance can be related to how often you drink, but people can also be
born with a high or low tolerance. Girls also tend to have lower
tolerances to alcohol than males. I would not say age affects how much
it takes, because a 16 year old who drinks very often at parties could
have gained a higher tolerance or simply have been born with a higher
tolerance than say a 30 year old who rarely drinks.

Just typically its
seems as though younger people cannot handle their liquor as easily
because most of them don't do it often and do not have much of a
tolerance yet, also I think teenagers usually act a bit drunker than they actually are.

But I
would say a typical male would need about 5 shots within 1 hour to be
drunk, and a typical female around 3. (This type of drunk would be
considered properly drunk, as in your coordination and motor control is
off, there is no shyness, judgement is worse, dizziness, possible
numbness, and euphoria takes over.

But I would say this amount would not
get you to blackout, memory loss, stumble and fall, vomiting, and
passing out drunk unless you have an abnormally low tolerance.)

Hope this helped. :)

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Well that is a difficult one, because men and women are different because of their liver sizes (men have larger livers in relation to their body mass, so even a boy the same size as yo
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It depends on how much a person usually drinks and the weight of the person.With me it would only take a half of a shot as I don't drink!
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Well I hate to say it but I remember being 13 drinking like a million shots of vodka! But I think it takes like 5 shots, but then again I'm still a young girl.

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Why are we giving this person information on how many shots it takes for a 13 year to get drunk? If you get yourself drunk you will have the worst feeling you have ever felt! I am not speaking from experience because the only thing that I have ever drank was a shot...or more like a sip of beer. You should drink. You can develop emotional as well as physical problems.

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