How Would You Handle A Drunk Person?


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First off, most drunk people (I'm assuming you mean a person who is wasted or trashed) have lost most of their reasoning. To save myself aggravation I would just nod and smile. This is actually a broad question, because there are plenty of scenarios where having to "handle a drunk person" would arise, e.g. A friend being too drunk at a party, being confronted by someone really drunk on the street, going to a party where everyone is really drunk, etc. Each situation all depends on what your role is: Do you have some type of responsibility? Do you want to be around this kind of person or environment? Hope this helps, if not, elaborate and I'll try to answer better.
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Look this is what you do first you tack them home but some wont go because thay want to drink more so you say if you go home I will have sex or something they really like and that will go than you get them home put them to bed put a bucket on both sides of them and stay with them 4 most of the night to mack shere they don't chock on there own puck and then go to the stor and bye hangover pills ear plugs and sun gallas and give it to them in the morning because talking to them normaly feels like your  welling I'm the ear and hangover pills so thay don't barf as munch and sun glass because the light birns good luck

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