What Beer Has The Least Amount Of Calories And Would Be The Best To Drink If On A Diet?


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Roger Bray answered
Guinness! (Bottled NOT Draught ).Yes,I know you're thinking that . I'm having a laugh` but I`m serious.Of course, any beer isn't a good idea for a diet but if youve got to drink ( and enjoy it to boot ) then pick the `dry` beers with little sugar,and Guinness is one of the driest on the market.It has fewer calories than the majority of beers for sale;it tastes good and the bonus is that it is naturally conditioned in the bottle!At risk of teaching grandmothers to suck eggs,naturally conditioned means that after bottling there is a fermentation in the bottle which produces a natural `sparkle` and a yeast sediment.Yeast is not only a good for you but also acts as a mild laxative.So a lovely beer (or `Stout` for the officianados ),low in calories and a bit of a mover in the loo!
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Lynn Perie answered
Drinking beer does not help dieting, I suppose you could read the labels and find out if you must want to know.
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David Rainbolt answered
Depends on the diet you are on, but I would suggest Michelob Ultra.
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Budweiser Select 55 Anheuser Busch has only 55 calories...definanty the lowest amount Michelob's ultra has 95 and and Guinness Draught has 125 calories. Of course beer will not help with your diet but if your not going to quit this is the best alternative.

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